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RX 70 Perfectline

  • Energy saving five-chamber profile VEKA Alphaline 70 mm.
  • Highest quality class A profile (PN-EN12608).
  • Glazing capacity from 8 to 49 mm.
  • Full steel reinforcement in the frame.
  • 3 EPDM gaskets ensure long life of gaskets and excellent insulation against noise, cold, drafts and moisture.
  • Profiles are available in a full range of colors and high quality veneers.
  • Possibility of using two and three panes packages from 24 to 50 mm with heat transfer coefficient up to U=0,5 W/m2*K according to EN673
  • Warm spacers SWISSPACER seal the glass edges and provide ideal thermal insulation. In addition, they reduce the risk of condensation on the glass inside the room. Available in various colors.
  • We also offer frame SWISSPACER Ultimate, which is the most efficient distance frame the in THE WORLD.

We use fittings for windows and doors of the renowned German manufacturer, WINKHAUS, for the highest comfort of use and safety. The company existens for more than 160 years, representing the highest level of technical and innovation in the market.

Rolex Zielona Góra Profil okienny RX-70-Perfectline

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+48 799 901 294, +48 691 717 317

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